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Posted on July 13 2020

Once the weather warmed up in April, it was time to tackle some issues in the yard. As I've mentioned in a past post, we had to have our sewer line replaced last November. In order to do that, they had to take down a portion of our fence, so I thought this was a good opportunity to have the old Mountain Ash removed because it was half dead and had a big hole in the trunk (full of baby squirrels we discovered, they managed to relocate). I also decided to remove the Columnar Spruce in front of it, that grew a lot faster than I expected and became too large and obstructive for that spot:

The backyard is really open now. We have to wait another year before the ground settles to put back the fence (it's just leaning in place) and then I'll plant a Cedar back there to fill that space. 

In May, there were lots of video meet ups, (I'm sure you can relate) ~

And toilet paper returned to the stores 🎉 ~

There was a huge migration of Sandhill Cranes that was fantastic to watch and listen to with their loud croaking call as they flew by, way up high. The waves of birds continued on and on for two days ~ 

Here's a short and inspiring video about them if you're interested.

I got on a rhubarb kick and made rhubarb chutney and rhubarb shrub ~ they were both excellent recipes. I got a large amount of rhubarb from my sister-in-law and gave a friend some too and she made rhubarb gin, so good! I've stashed some in my freezer to make a rhubarb and strawberry crisp when I can get some fresh strawberries.

It rained a lot and everything started to green up ~


Including our yard ~

We planted some radishes and carrots in our wee veggie box ~

And then these sweet Mallard ducks we called Harry and Sssally kept dropping by our yard every day to investigate the bird feeders ~


We also had a visit from a porcupine ~ 

I finally got a haircut in June, which was long overdue. I had booked one for March 13th, right before our trip to Nashville, but that day I had to cancel our flight so I decided to cancel the hair appointment and rebook it after the original quarantine of two weeks... and we know how that turned out, so it was long overdue. 

Bye-bye frizz and dead ends!

And something I was highly anticipating, Gold Hunt started a new game this June as well. Me and my team spent loads of time driving around the city to unique parks and hidden gems discovering the answers to their riddles. However, the game was halted due to cheating so they are working to reboot a new game later this summer. It was a bummer, so fitting for this year, but I had a blast anyway. What an awesome remedy during a pandemic -- to get out and find new cultural, natural and historical places in the city, so much fun! 

Canada Day was tamer than normal due to physical distancing and a soggy, wet day. Chris, my Mom and myself had a little visit and I still made up a Canadian quiz, which was fun. The next weekend we celebrated Chris' birthday with a pizza party and Chris & I had the best steak ever, on his actual birthday (the following day) from Acme Meats.

This past weekend, 4 baby blue jays left their nest and spent a morning in our lilac tree while their parents scouted for food and warded off dangerous foe. It was a tense time, a falcon, crow and several magpies got a little too close, but by noon, they had managed to fly across the yard to another tree. I stayed nearby weeding so as to discourage any wondering neighbourhood cats. It was a treat to watch them stretch their wings and legs, peck at the tree, flap with enthusiasm when the parents brought food and snuggle together ~ 

We are doing fine, all things considered. Life is a little slower than normal. I've torched here and there and hope the Muse will come for a visit and stay a little longer. I am trying to spend as much time outside though, enjoying the flora and fauna, the sun when it comes out and though I usually think of summer as a boisterous and celebratory time, I'm trying to appreciate the peace and quiet. Have you noticed when a plane flies through the air, it sounds super loud now? 🤣

We are barbecuing a lot, I'm riding my bike through the neighbourhood to look at others' gardens (peeps have upped their yard game this summer), anticipating the next Gold Hunt, wondering what the future has in store and I am still taking photos of my cat sleeping, like every day, because it calms me, even if his favourite bed is an old Amazon box ~

I hope you are keeping well too, taking it all in stride, staying safe and making the most of this summer. xo

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