Goodbye 2020

Posted on January 16 2021

This fall, like most falls, I spent loads of time outside walking and taking in the beauty of the changing seasons. It's such a great time to be out in our parks here in Edmonton.

I brought my partner in crime along to some of the new parks I discovered this year through Gold Hunt. This gem is tucked away in the industrial area of town.

Some times I just walked the neighbourhood, admiring the creative Halloween designs ~ 

I made up a bunch of goodie bags for the Trick-or-Treaters, though I wasn't sure what Halloween was going to be like this year. To my surprise, though the weather was nice, we had a lot of left over candy...

But my nephew and his kids managed to come by and give us a laugh with their costumes ~ 

 In November, my Gold Hunt partner, Leslie and I were awarded a silver coin for being the first to solve one of the clues. We met at a statue near Whyte Ave, where one of the riddles took place to receive our shiny coin ~ 

And I finally joined the 2020 sourdough bread making club, when my sister-in-law offered to share some of her sourdough starter. It wasn't pretty, but it was damn tasty. 


Speaking of clubs, we continued with our Cocktail Club with yummy new drinks including lemon and bourbon sours and the sugar plum cocktail, which involves gin and a pomegranate reduction.

And, for the first time ever, Judy and I made our own wreaths ~

December was more walking and bratwurst picnics. We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather throughout the whole month.  

Sheila looked extra cute in her new Christmas sweater. 

Mom and I got new Christmas toques with giant pom-poms ~ 

Christmas was rather tame this year thanks to the provincial restrictions. Chris and I opened presents in the morning and Mickey took full advantage of all the extra tissue paper lying around. 

Chris and I went to Mom's in the afternoon for a visit because we're her "bubble buddies" and loads of friends and family popped by to wave hello and deliver gifts to her doorstep. It was very sweet. 


My Neice popped by and let her new puppy inside so we could meet him. This is sweet Pablo. A very welcome addition to 2020.

On New Year's Eve, I prepared a fish and vegetable dish and took it over to Mom's to cook for lunch. It's a bit of prep work, but totally worth it. 

I came home in the afternoon and got a call from Zoe's Animal Rescue that I had won the 50/50 raffle for December. Then she said, you've won ten thousand dollars! Um, I was totally shocked = now that's one hell of a way to end 2020!

When Chris got home, I told him the news. Then we had a fire, like we do most New Year's Eves and we burned our regrets and said goodbye to 2020. 


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