What The Duck?

Posted on October 14 2019

In early September, I was chatting with a friend about the slug problem in my yard and she mentioned that she knew someone who rented ducks to deal with her bug issue. What a great idea, I thought, so I got in touch with the Good Note Community Farm just outside of town and rented me 3 ducks for a weekend! 

At first, they seemed a little confused by the change of scenery, but before long, they made themselves right at home. First stop, a dip in the pool - 

As I futilely tried to corral them towards the ravaged flower beds, they much preferred eating the algae (and some of the plants) in our pond.

And when they weren't skinny dipping, they were drying off on our deck -

They loved lounging for hours in the slug free zone on top of the hot tub cover -

One of them even felt compelled to bask on top of our bugless gas heater - 

And when we weren't outside, they just hung out by the door waiting for us to come back out - 

In the end, I think they might have eaten a grand total of 12 slugs, maybe. And that was when I was shooing them in the direction of the slugs. But we still had a lot of fun, they reminded me of loyal dogs except with way more bowel movements... I mean, it was literally a sh*tshow. But the neighbours and their kids came to check them out, friends enjoyed the novelty of it and it was definitely a weekend to remember. 🦆



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