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Welcome!  I’m Carrie Hamilton, a Glass Bead Artisan & I’m part of the Bead Tree team along with Judy Hamilton, a talented Jewelry Designer, who also happens to be my Mom.

Since 2003, we’ve been making wearable art for women who want to compliment their own beauty & add meaning to their everyday wardrobes.  With so many mass produced accessories out there, we believe in the importance of handcrafted pieces that are special & stand out on a person.

My beads begin with hand pulled strands of Italian glass, melted & wound around a steel mandrel.  In the fire, I build up the layers of glass, shaping & adding until I feel the bead is complete. I then place the bead in a heat controlled kiln where it gradually cools overnight to set.  Afterwards, the beads are examined, cleaned & brought to Judy to be used in her jewelry designs.  In her creations, she selects & incorporates semi precious stones, silver, pearls & crystals that often echo the colors, patterns & shapes of my glass beads.

Each Bead Tree piece is one of a kind, just like the women who wear them.