The Coming of the Light

Posted on January 10 2023

How was the rest of your year? I left off at the end of October. November brought gatherings with family and some rock n' roll: 

Above: our Uncle's 50th birthday party featuring the Jason Greeley band.
Below: the band, Juice with our nephews Jonny on vocals and Jamie on drums.

And also a little wild life:

In December, the festivities continued, which was such a nice change after the social drought that started this decade off ~   

Judy and I made wreaths again ~ 

And Chris and I, after a couple year break, actually put up a tree ~

Then we waited to see what Mickey would do...

No surprise there, haha!

We celebrated the first full year of Mom's new dog Daisy who continues to be delightfully dorky:

And we had a lovely Christmas dinner with family ~

Judy and I made Granny's Dumpling, a Christmas desert tradition that has been in our family for a very long time. I think it turned out pretty good!

The cherry on top of December's cake was a visit from my bestie, who drove up from down south for a couple nights ~

And then it was New Year's Eve. A rather tame one for Chris and I. As  we get older (and wiser) we prefer to stay in, have a nice meal at home and watch a movie we've been anticipating. This time we watched  "Glass Onion". Have you seen it? I need to watch it again because I think there was a lot going on that I missed. 

Now we come into a new year and hopefully lighter and brighter times.

May it be a happy and joyful year! 



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