After Vacation and Into Spring

Posted on July 10 2024

After arriving home from Jamaica, I found that winter was, once again, a cruel mistress. I thought we would feel recharged knowing spring wasn't far away, but it was just downright mean, including this crazy snowfall:

Thankfully, we had things to do and places to go. 

We were busy working on some new art pieces and then we had a work demonstration at the Alberta Gallery of Art: 

And our friend, Sandy was featured in a play in town ~ 

Chris and I went to some other plays at the Citadel along with dinners out:

And I took Chris to see Nathaniel Rateliff and City in Colour Concert: 

In March we celebrated our friend Kelly (the curly haired girl) on a milestone birthday with a live band in the community hall in our neighbourhood.

My Aunt and Uncle came to town all the way from South Carolina. They spoiled us one night with dinner out at Sabor, one of the nicest restaurants in town.

Chris and I, managed to see one of the River Valley sessions at Dog Patch, a local restaurant. It's an intimate, accoustic set with 2 or 3 different musicians from the area. They play some of their songs and talk about the history of them, it was a lovely night. 

The Easter Bunny spoiled me with all these treats hidden around the house!

We had a fun Easter brunch with our fabulous family ~

In April, my lovely neice, Alex had her first baby, sweet Mac:


And Chelsey, my other lovely niece started to show with her second child. Her first child, Kane sure loves his grandpa. 

Judy and I took Daisy on a few park walks as the snow melted and the weather warmed and we also tried out a few new coffee shops ~

Our friend, Stacey hosted a dynamic cocktail club, look at those drinks and snacks! She's a rock star!

My other friend, Tricia came up from down south for a weekend visit and we went out for a trivia night at the cozy Duggan's Boundary Irish Pub.

And while she was in town, Chris asked us to come by the Shiddy's Distillery, where he works and have a tour of how the Sea Change beer gets made and packaged.

And speaking of beer, we had some friends over to our downstairs pub (still in the works, but close enough to have visitors over).

In May, we had a Mother's Day picnic at the park, so fun!

And we had a Mallard duck vissit our yard again this year. I wonder if it's the same one that has been here before?

Of course, May brought all the beautiful tree blossoms, heaven!

That's most of the highlights from our Spring. Hope you enjoyed the lighter, brighter days too.  

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