Recapping Spring

Posted on July 01 2019

April was busy with 4 plays at the Citadel, a visit down south to see my friends, Tricia and Mike and a surprise visit from our old friend, Mark who currently resides in New York ~ 


And of course the Easter bunny visited bringing fun outdoor treats ~

Chris spent a lot of time working on the basement, putting up wainscotting and gutting the centre wall as we eventually turn it into an English pub themed space. One day, I'll do a huge before and after of it.

The temperatures slowly warmed and I spotted lots of snow geese migrating on my walks, which is always a thrill to see as the season changes from winter to spring ~ 

At the beginning of May we had a Kentucky Derby/Cuatro de Mayo party in our neighbour's yard. Did you see the derby this year? It was crazy! Needless to say, none of us won.

Judy finished a few miniature art commissions including this fabulous cardinal and tiger ~

And with May, Chris and I turned our focus to the yard. I went around pruning perennials and shrubs, cleaning out leaf debris, raking the beds and lawn and adding new compost. Chris started on another catio for Mickey ~ 

And Mickey watched all the action from his other catio, in between naps ~

We had great weather for a Mother's Day bratwurst picnic in the park with my lovely Mom ~ 

May had a few hiccups though including a major car repair, Mickey having another ear infection and a severely burnt thumb that happened while I was making a bead and put me out of commission for a spell. I'm happy to report that we, including the car, are all better now. :)

May was also unseasonably cold so it took awhile for things to start to shape up around here, but eventually the trees flowered in a wonderful symphony of perfumes.

While building the other catio, Chris made a wee raised bed for vegetables ~

It is so cute! We have radishes, beets, carrots, onions, hot peppers, a tomato and a bay leaf plant growing. 😊

June has been very busy as well. I got back to torching and getting ready for our summer sale. Spent lots of time in the yard working in the beds and enjoying all the blooms.  

We also played the "Gold Hunt" game.  This company buried $100,000 worth of gold and silver within the city limits (the game was also going on in Calgary and Vancouver).  We formed a team and bought a map, worked on the clues, narrowed down the location and headed to it. We actually were right by the bush where it was hidden and missed it! A half hour later it was found ~ waaa waaa. Regardless, we had a really fun day and there's going to be another one so we'll have another chance at it!  

Tricia and Mike came up for a visit mid month. Mike was busy with work meetings so us gals spent time in the yard enjoying the weather. 

And on the 22nd, we had our garden sale. I took two photos at the beginning and then got too busy so here they are, Mom and I right before the show and a quick snap when it started ~ 

And yesterday, we were at our nephews grad party and then at Japanese Village for dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday ~ 

Now it's July, hard to believe! I hope it slows down a little for us and we have some time to relax. Wishing that for you too this summer. xo 



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