Beautiful June

Posted on July 08 2017

June zipped right by, probably because we were quite busy for the most part. It started with Chris' sister's birthday. We all went out to celebrate at her beautiful acreage in the country. We had a nice night visiting with friends & family, enjoying the outdoor fire and celebrating Pam - 

In the yard, everything came a little late, but it was all so lush when it did! We enjoyed several nights on our front porch marvelling at all that was coming into bloom - 

The Miss Kim Lilac was stuffed full of fragrant blossoms! We also put our Koi, "Butters" & Goldfish, "Cool Guy" into the pond early in June. They are very happy to be back outside again - 

And the peonies! My goodness, they were so striking, especially the red ones below (can you spot a little kitty too :) - 

There's an annual dog show held in our neighbourhood every June, so for the first time, we went to check it out.  I have to say, there were a lot of strange people there and a serious throwback in fashion, what's that about?  But the dogs were adorable and we enjoyed watching the obedience competitions - 

We also went to the Beaumont Blues Festival, another first for us. In particular, I wanted to see Matt Andersen, but Corb Lund played as well. It's a nice festival, a lot smaller than the Edmonton Folk Fest so if you're not big on crowds, but want that outdoor music experience, I definitely think it's worth checking out - 

Good thing our gang had a tent as it poured down on Friday for about an hour! We stayed nice and dry, cuddled up together - 

And a stunning sunset followed -  

The following week we had our summer show in Judy's garden in conjunction with a garden tour that Judy's yard was on - 

Thank you to all who came by for the show & thank you Judy for hosting, I love working with this lady! 

June also brought dramatic skies, a bounty of flowers, fresh strawberries to which I made strawberry jam for Chris, my Brother's birthday celebration & a surprise visit from a porcupine - 

And on a funny note - this photo below was taken of a guy mowing his lawn while a tornado raged in the background in Three Hills, Alberta this June. Made me lol!

Hope your July is relaxing. xo 



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