Spring into Summer

Posted on October 30 2023

May was brighter and warmer, the blossoms came and so did the geese ~

We celebrated our niece, Sunshine's 18th birthday, the last to become an "adult" of our nephews and nieces, wow.

June brought more flowers and fiestas ~

July brought celebrations from birthdays to reunions to weddings ~

And in August, well... I accidentally deleted all of my photos from August, doh! I have managed to scrounge a few from friends and Facebook. Chris and I flew to Kelowna where our friends picked us up to take us to their cabin in Nakusp, BC, surrounded by lakes, trees and mountains. We spent a handful of days boating on the lake, barbecuing on the beaches, soaking in the hot springs, hikes and waterfalls, strolling through their incredibly manicured town and just having an overall awesome time. Here's a few pictures from Chris' camera ~

And once again, I volunteered at the Fringe in August, but I have no proof of that except this photo of the beers we were serving that I sent to Chris ~ 

Hope you had a wonderful summer! Time to get snuggly now. :) 



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