A Felicitous Fall

Posted on November 08 2021

We had a glorious fall. It was jam packed with picnics, walks along the river valley to soak in the changing colours and bike rides to local ponds on sunny days ~ Can you spot the Blue Heron above? *Hint, he's in front of the "duck butts".

Outside as the season matured, it only became more beautiful. The foliage turned a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours, the sky deepened to a sapphire blue and the river changed from a murky brown to a jade-like green ~ 

 I can see why fall inspires poetry ~  

In October we had our annual Chili Cook Off and we were blessed with a warm, calm night to enjoy the festivities outside once again:

I placed second this time around. 😛 All the chilis this year were very good, the competition is getting serious! If you have an award winning chili recipe, please send it my way.

The Citadel opened up for it's regular season after taking a year and a half off. Chris and I were thrilled to have a night out at the theatre and we were really looking forward to seeing The Garneau Block, a play adapted from a book written about a place in Edmonton. We first went for dinner at Bistro Praha for a hearty German meal and then walked to the Citadel, stopping to admire a sea of Mums and to check out a filming scene for HBO's The Last of Us, an apocalyptic tv series being shot here and in Calgary.

 We had our first family get together this year at Chris' sister's for Thanksgiving; what a treat to gather and enjoy each other's company and Pam's culinary feast!  

And another get together with friends in the yard this October ~ 

Speaking of the yard, this fall I've been seeing loads of Pileated Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers visiting the bird feeders, they are such glorious birds to spot! 

And I saw a murder while at my Mom's place, check it out! The crows were coming for us. 

This past month or so, I've also managed to get a lot of yard work done because of how lovely it's been. Ultimately, this will make spring cleanup much more manageable, so I'm happy about that! I've even had time to plant some tulips and alliums and I've been pruning a lot of perennials -- making fun arrangements with them. These are my front containers filled with dried Hydrangea blooms, the feathery foliage from my Asparagus plants and Sea Lavender sprays. Winter is a long haul, so I love when the fall season can be extended. 

Now that we are just a month and a half away from Christmas, I will be full steam ahead with making beads so stay tuned for some sneak peeks in the near future! 

Hope you've enjoyed this wonderful autumn as much as I have and are looking forward to creating cozy moments as winter approaches. 

Until next time, enjoy this goofy photo of Mickey. :) 

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  • Auntie Diana : November 18, 2021

    Carrie Love. So enjoyed your blog especially the pictures and descriptions of your walks and parties. Really hope we get to visit again next summer. Brunch in your backyard is A Royal treat! Stay warm this winter and merry Christmas season to all of you!

  • Pat Briggs: November 18, 2021

    Carrie, thanks for the great fall photo’s. You do have an eye for the beautiful, strange and fun things. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces, during this goofy time!

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