Spring Update

Posted on June 18 2021

Where did we last leave off... oh, yes it was March, wasn't it? Well April came and let's just say it was pretty tame as we went into another "lockdown" here. I feel like this meme sums it up: 

But we did have a couple of picnics in late March and lots of walks in the woods in April and even an outdoor fire to celebrate a birthday (pre lockdown): 

And the Easter Bunny came this year, after taking a hiatus in 2020: 

In May, the weather warmed up and the blossoms opened ~ 

But May also had some excitement! 

I did something I've wanted to do for a very long time...   

I bought an electric bike (aka pedal assist bike)! I call her Gail and we have been on many fun adventures together. She's my new "bestie".

And I did something else that I've wanted to do for many years...

Notice anything different about my smile?

I finally got my front teeth fixed, after a botched crown many years ago. I thought I was going to have to get braces and veneers, but I found a dentist that had a quicker, less expensive and better solution, so voila, in a matter of 4 hours I had them fixed!

We also had a wonderful photo shoot with my niece showcasing our new line of earrings, The Gemmies

She's as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. 

And we celebrated our nephew's 18th birthday, who is also such a great kid... can I still call him a kid? 

And that's about it. No trips or concerts, no dining out or festivals, but Chris and I will be fully vaccinated next week. We hope to have a real party for his birthday this July and his band will all be fully vaccinated so they may even be able to practice music together again.

This summer, we'll probably have a lot of patio visits, and I'll spend most my time in the yard enjoying the flowers or riding my bike through the neighbourhoods. Low key, but also just my speed.

I hope you're enjoying the weather and the world slowly opening up again, this past year and a half has been quite a ride, but I'm ready to switch gears... wonder why I'm all of sudden into bike puns. ;) 

Stay safe and have fun! xo 

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