Fall Update

Posted on October 13 2020

I am trying to get into the cozy of fall. I've started to bake muffins, make stews and soups, spend time in the woods as the leaves turn and listen to "soft-boiled" murder mysteries while torching. But I have to say, it's with a bit of reluctance, as I find it hard to believe that I must say goodbye to what seemed like a very short summer.  

July had some surprises, like this weathervane on top of our garage ~

Do you like it? It was only temporary because soon after, it flew to the pergola to get a better look at our pond ~

About a month after we put goldfish in our pond, we discovered two had disappeared and the one left had an open wound on it's side and part of it's tail trimmed. We thought a cat must have gotten to them, but now we're wondering if it was the work of this guy ~

Sad for the fish, but a Great Blue Heron this close up is quite a sight to behold! The next day, I went to the garden centre to purchase more floating plants to help obscure the fish and our wounded goldfish healed and survived the summer along with a companion fish I picked up for him at the pet store. We haven't seen a return of the heron, but the four baby bluejays came back for a visit and they are doing just fine!

We celebrated my aunt's 80th birthday in July, a family reunion turned virtual for many of us.

And we said goodbye to one of Chris' Aunt, who sadly passed away too young.

August was all about the outdoors and family ~ 

There were many patio visits at Mom's, admiring her beautiful yard including these lovely Ligularias that had a grand showing this summer! 


We laid Chris' Dad to rest on his birthday in late August. It was a touching service followed by a long overdue visit with some of our beloved family. ❤️


Gold Hunt started up again in August so I spent many waking hours scouring the city, unraveling clues, finding new hidden gems and gorgeous views ~

The hunt was really hard this time around, especially the final clue, which was just solved at the end of September, unfortunately not by us, but I don't regret the time I've had out in the city, finding a deeper appreciation for where I live. And now that fall is upon us, I have new parks and trails to appreciate ~

And of course, it wouldn't be fall without our bratwurst picnics, watching geese gather in the ponds and enjoying all the beautiful colours  ~ 

And Sheila, Mom's dog, has been our faithful companion as we explore new picnic sites.


Above, Mom and Sheila beside a natural spring, inconspicuously located in a forest near where we live. 

In the yard, I've been noticing a lot of migratory birds, including the delightful White-throated Sparrow, some Dark-eyed Juncos and lots of darling, little Pine Siskins, can you count how many there are in this picture below?

As well in the yard, it's harvest time. We pulled the last our our garden goodies ~

Chris had a bumper crop of peppers, above his most prized one.

We decided to go ahead with our annual chili cook off this October, and I had a fair share of peppers to choose from for making the first place chili! My nephew placed 2nd, we were both pretty stoked!

It was an unseasonably warm night, which allowed for an outside party. We had so much fun as it sort of felt like the last hooray for awhile now that we will be indoors a lot more.  

Let's face it, it's been a really weird year. I have tried to keep my spirits up and appreciate being in the moment and the small group of people I've been able to be with. I don't know how this winter is going to go, but I'm committed to listening to more books and less news, indulging in light hearted movies and tv (loving Schitt's Creek!) and getting out into nature as much as possible. Like I mentioned, I'm also back at the torch, creating new beads. We are considering collaborating with a few other creators/crafters and planning visits by appointment only with our customers. That way we can sanitize and limit the amount of people at one time.  I'll have more details coming up so stay tuned for that!

Wishing you a lightness to carry you forward. Stay warm and healthy! 



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  • Nancy : October 29, 2020

    Love to read your blog! so many Good times shared with wonderful memories,and sad farewells to hold close to the heart. Thanks so much for sharing. Pictures are amazing. Lots of love coming your way💖💖💖

  • Linda : October 28, 2020

    Looks like a good summer, all things considered. Nice to see Mickey in your update. 🐾❤️

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