The Unlocking of Winter

Posted on October 24 2023

Back home from our trip in February, my bestie drove up with her son for a visit. We went to the Ice Festival in town to look at ice sculptures and feed the birds. We also listened to our friends' band play and then went for tacos.

We had our first "trial run" get together in our downstairs pub in March. A friend took this cool panorama photo of it as you walk down the stairs. I hope to do a more detailed blog on all the renos we've done at a later date, but here's a sneak peek.

In April, some of the family flew to Kelowna to celebrate my sister, Jill and her husband, Steve on their 50th wedding anniversary. Below, Jill and Steve with my mom at the park. 

While we were down there, we went on some winery tours and enjoyed bbq at the Hatching Post and Smokery, which was an impressive place with huge tables, chandeliers and lots of animal heads on the walls. 

We also celebrated Chris' sister and brother-in-law's 25th wedding anniversary in April. They rented a hall for all their friends and family, we had a beautiful dinner and their kids band played. We even got a photo of the wedding party, 25 years later.

And April brought another visit from the Easter Bunny and weather nice enough to visit outside: 

A funny side note, I posted this photo of Mickey on Facebook and my friend, Ellen, who is an artist, asked if she could use it as a subject matter for one of her paintings.

It's titled, "She Who Must Be Obeyed", isn't it so much fun!

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