Awaiting Spring

Posted on March 27 2018

The snow is falling today, but that hasn't dampened my spring fever! I have been thinking about my garden so much as of late. I think the new addition of "Love Your Garden" with Alan Titchmarsh on Netflix is responsible for my inspiration and also, I'm a huge fan of Garden Answer on Youtube. Do you watch Laura's amazing garden transformations too? I have to be a little more patient until our spring arrives here so for now it's just a whole lot of dreaming.

Chris and I celebrated our 17 year anniversary this February. We stayed in so that I could make him his favourite dinner which is Cornish hen with corn stuffing that includes cherries, pecans and rosemary, along with mixed veggies and gravy. To me, the hens taste a lot like roast chicken, but Chris thinks they are more delectable and the perfect portion so I'm happy to oblige. 

And we were also celebrating because Chris started a new job this February working for Telsco Security Systems. I'm so happy for him and they are an excellent, local company so if you're looking for a security system in Edmonton, ask for Chris at Telsco. ;)

We went to a few shows in February including Motown the Musical. Loved the little Michael Jackson actor, he did a perfect imitation, boy did he have moves!  

Our nephew, Jonny and his drama class are going to Edinburgh, Scotland this summer to be in the Edinburgh Fringe. They've been quite creative with their fundraisers and one of them that we went to was called, "Murder in the Museum". They set up a club room like a museum and even asked for some Bead Tree jewelry to put up as a display along with other art pieces so here was our contribution - 

It was such a great night with cocktails, appetizers, fantastic music courtesy of Chris' sister and a silent auction. The drama kids were dressed up in interesting attire (think lab coat, sunglasses, a guy in work coveralls with a mop) mingling around the room, looking suspicious while periodically creating a scene as we all watched on to try to figure out whodunit. 

We went to a couple of new restaurants too including Pazzo, Pazzo (Italian for Crazy, Crazy), a cozy, hidden gem of a restaurant in the heart of downtown. If you go, makes sure to be hungry because they're portions are crazy, crazy. 

Another first for us was hot pot, which is pretty much Chinese fondue. It was so fun to have a simmering pot of soup in front of us to add our own selection of meats and vegetables too.  We went on a blustery, cold day so it seemed like perfect comfort food. 

And we've been on a crazy Pho kick as of late. In fact, we've been trying a new Pho place or take out each week for awhile now. So far the stand out Pho comes from Pho Hoan Pasteur with Phobulous a close runner up. It's obvious I'm writing this blog near lunch time, isn't it? ;)

I took on a few more custom orders in February than I normally do, looking for some new inspiration. One of the more fun projects was making these "pineapple" fishies. 

Then this March, we received some really hard news about one of my oldest friends (we've been buddies for 27 years), Tamye who went into the hospital with severe pneumonia right before Christmas and almost past away then. They managed to revive her and ran a battery of tests until they finally discovered that she had Lupus along with several other issues, most likely caused from lupus, for a long time and not being diagnosed earlier. She remained in the hospital for several weeks before moving to a care facility where she was working on learning how to walk again and trying to regain her health but right at the beginning of March she took a drastic turn for the worse, was rushed to ICU, and after several days of trying to stabilize her, her body just gave up.  So March has been a pretty sad and shocking month. We've been seeing friends we know through Tamye and together we are all trying to deal with it. I wanted to include her obituary below, written by her husband, mainly for my own keepsake, but it's very beautiful if you want to read and also a few photos from years gone by. 

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the death of Tamye Dunbar. Tamye was an amazing wife, mother, daughter and friend to many. On March 9, 2018, Tamye passed away at the age of 47 after a courageous fight against Lupus and Pneumonia- far too early for such an outstanding and loved lady.
Tamye was born in Calgary on July 25, 1970, to Gwen Germain and Gary Vansickle. The family moved often while Tamye was in her younger years, with Gwen and Tamye ultimately settling in Edmonton.
Tamye graduated in 1988 from J. Percy Page High School. She then took a leading role in developing the Chili's restaurants in the area. Tamye's desire to teach pushed her to get a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta. Tamye excelled as a teacher at WP Wagner for several years before transitioning into a home based business-Stampin' Up. She again excelled and was a constant leader and top performer in the organization for 17 years.
Tamye met Jason Dunbar in high school. They started dating years afterwards and married on August 1, 1998. The luckiest couple in the world welcomed McRae Dunbar into their lives on July 6, 2002. Tamye was the most dedicated and amazing mother, rightfully proud of the incredible person McRae continues to grow into.
Tamye is remembered and cherished by her husband Jason Dunbar and McRae "Monkey" Dunbar; Mother Gwen Germain and Stepfather Gerry Mowatt and sons Arli and Kelsey; Father Gary Vansickle and Stepmother Kathy Mastrobuono and children Joleen and Sandy; Mother-in-Law Brenda Dunbar and Father-in-Law Bruce Dunbar; Brother-in-Law Andrew Dunbar and Sister-in-Law Tanya Handley Dunbar; Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, along with other family members, and the thousands of friends who were enthralled by her huge heart, compassion, service and immense capacity to laugh, love, learn, teach and share.
We extend a special thank you to all the amazing medical personnel who worked with Tamye, as well as the dear friends who supported Tamye, Jason, McRae and other family members throughout the illness and its aftermath.
Recommended memorial donations can be made to Lupus Canada, the Canadian Blood Services, a Women's Shelter or any other venue you know that would align with Tamye's values.
We will have a Celebration of Life for Tamye on Saturday, August 4, 2018, at the place she was always happiest, her home and garden oasis in Sherwood Park.
Tamye found inspiration in the Beatles song "Blackbird" when she was battling her illness, which now deeply resonates with those healing from this tragic loss.
"Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly"


Cheers to you Tamye. xo



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