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Posted on September 25 2016

Happy Autumn! The leaves are changing (& falling) quickly now, but we've been having some stellar days & I've been down to the river a lot, anticipating the water's shift from brown to aqua green which occurs each fall. 

Still murky, after a lot of rain, but I spotted some interesting sights ~

We had some visitors in town too ~ my cousin, Graham & his partner, John, all the way from Australia! 

And my dear friend, Skye from Vancouver, however I forgot to take a photo of her while she was here, doh! But we both bought each other handmade kitties when she moved a couple years back, so when we get together, she brings her "travel partner". Kitties reunited!

They particularly like to watch the fish in the pond.

I've been out to Elk Island too, an annual September tradition with my Ma. We go out to see the Bison, walk in the forest & cook bratwurst over an open flame. This year, my brother's dog, Sheila came with us.

Love this guy's mug!

Sheila is such a sweet dog!

Currently, my kiln is broken. The thermocouple caught on fire (whatever that means :), so I'm out of commission, but the parts to repair it are on their way. I hope to be going full steam ahead once they arrive. 

And today, we are going to honour Chris' Grandma, Mabel. Who passed away a week ago. Chris is doing the Eulogy. The funeral is being held at a facility at a golf course & it's a beautiful, autumn day. She was one heck of a lady & will be dearly missed.  


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