Meet Mickey!

Posted on January 22 2017

I follow Zoe's Animal Rescue on Facebook & over the holidays, this mug showed up on my feed from them:

That was it, love at first sight. I applied to adopt him immediately & now, little Mickey is with us! He's a really sweet boy. He's got a tiny squeak of a voice & he likes to follow me around like a puppy dog. He's playful all morning long (he even gallops around the house, so fun!), naps in the afternoon & in the evening, it's kind of a mixed bag of playing, napping & cuddling. He's very curious about everything, especially the water that comes out of the bathroom tap. :) But he's terrified of aluminum foil, which has become a genius training tool to keep him off the counters in the kitchen. Here's a few more photos of my handsome boy:

His foster Mom sent this photo to me on Christmas. Of course it melted my heart!

We brought Mickey home on Boxing day. Naturally, he was a little freaked out at first, but he came around pretty quick. Now he just makes himself at home: 


We love our little Mickey!

Bonus ~ a message from Mickey as he just walked across the keyboard:


That's kitty for "Hello, I'm Mickey! It's a pleasure to meet you."


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