Trinkets, Treasure and Teeth?

Posted on April 08 2015

Did you hear about the little girl in Portland who has been feeding crows in her backyard & in return they have been leaving all sorts of trinkets! 
Above, some of her crow gifts.  You can read more of her charming story here.  I think I better start keeping an eye on my bird feeders for anything flashy. 
Speaking of shiny treasure ~ I have new bead sets up for grabs!  Click on the picture below to get your hot, little hands on them! 
And something unrelated, but rather interesting happened to me yesterday.  I went in for 2 root canals, which were re-dos of 2 root canals I had done over 20 years ago.  I guess the original dentist didn't get all the nerves out & my current dentist has been on my case to get them done properly.  Well, I've been putting it off because I didn't want to relive the trauma I experienced the first time around, but I finally bit the bullet & this time around, it was painless!  The reason? They gave me Ativan beforehand.  Then they brought me in, put a blanket on me, let me listen to my audiobook in my headphones (!) & I actually fell asleep for the majority of the procedure!  Since, I've felt no pain either.  It was a walk in the park!  So, if you have to go in for anything scary at the dentist, you might want to ask if they offer Ativan.  I can't tell you how much of a difference it made.
Lastly, this is mind blowing!  The fastest blind Rubik's Cube solve.  Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!
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  • Louise: April 13, 2015

    That is so amazing what that girl found. It shows you that everyone needs to take time and look for treasures that are all around you :)

    I totally agree with you and the Ativan. I have been taking them before all my dental appointments. I had a very bad experience at a dentist when I was younger and am terrified of going. About 10 years ago a new dentist saw how terrified I was and suggested for the next appointment to take Ativan. Worked like a charm !!! I listen to my Ipod and get through any procedure. I call them my happy pills :) I also suggest it to any one who says they have trouble with going to the dentist.

    Have a great week !!!

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