Are We There Yet?

Posted on March 25 2015

My big brother once said, "talking about the weather is the lowest form of conversation", replying to some sort of forecast observation I was making at the time. I remember it well because my darling husband almost choked on the beer he was swigging back. I countered, "but your job is entirely based on weather conditions (landscape & snow maintenance) so surely you discuss it from time to time?" He just shook his head, laughed & said he was kidding.  But ever since, I've become a little self conscious when I bring up... eh-hem, the weather.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, I've stalled all week on a blog post because I wanted to talk about the first week of Spring, but every time I started typing, I would get the instant replay of that moment in my head.

So, low conversation be damned! I'm going to show you pictures of what the first day of Spring looked like on this wee dot of the globe.

This is not what it looked like.  This was the day before...

And this was last Friday ~ Happy Spring!

Our backyard last Thursday ~

And voila, Friday morning ~  

WHAT??  The point is that in this part of the world, Spring often has a funny way of showing itself.  Luckily, March snow usually equals torching hours, because it's too early to start prepping the garden.  So, I've been making beads, craving the colours of blossoms ~

I should have some bead sets up soon.

It's the first week of Spring, do ya feel it?



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