Love Is In The Air!

Posted on February 12 2016

Just went on a little trip to Phoenix & Tucson.  Phoenix for family & fun, Tucson for the many bead shows that happen at this time of year there... like kids in a candy store I tell ya!

Picked up some beautiful treasures & we are excited to see what creations will come from them!

While in Tucson, it just wouldn't be right not to stop at one of our favourite places, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, have you been?  It's an amazing outdoor museum featuring the flora & fauna of the desert. You have to actually drive through a Saguaro Cacti forest to get to it!  All the animals that reside there are rescues so they have a safe home while we get to see them up close & learn about them. Look at this gorgeous Great Horned Owl ~

And this Chihuahuan Raven swooped so low, he nearly skimmed our heads a couple of times.

I'm so in awe with the landscape there, incredibly bizarre & prickly. Below, a few more snapshots from the trip ~

 It's good to be back home though & since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I'm offering a sale:

 Wishing you a lovely weekend!



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