Bring on the New Year

Posted on January 24 2016

Happy New Year to you all! I hope your January is grooving along nicely. We had an excellent end to 2015, with a walk by the river on a frosty bright New Year's Eve ~ it was magical along the path!

We came home & Chris lit a fire in our backyard. The sun was so brilliant, making it extra awesome to be outside on the last day of 2015 ~ 

We roasted bratwurst & wrote down our regrets from the past year on pieces of paper to burn in the fire, a ritual we do to wipe the slate clean.  

Then Chris grabbed some Christmas trees from the alley & things really heated up!


And now it's January. I've worked on the "Year In Review" book for a good portion of this month, which is a bit self indulgent, spending that much time on a project that, in the end, really only benefits Chris & I as a memory book. But I also think it's worth it to review the year that past, to make a note of some of the important events & markers, to catalogue the Bead Tree's work & to highlight the seasons.

The other day, it snowed all through the night, the softest & fluffiest snow that I can remember & there wasn't a whisper of wind.  We woke up to this incredible winter wonderland & after a quick shovel, headed off to the forest ~

If only the whole of January could be like that day, I would actually want winter to stick around. But February is just around the corner now & I can already notice the days getting lighter, the Dogwoods getting brighter & the birds seem more noisy & energetic ~ we have made it through the depths of winter once more.

Oh & it's my birthday today ~ so yeah for me. :)



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